Monday, April 12, 2010

How I got trapped by a TV show..!

I m sharing this story with all my friends so they dont fall for traps like this...

Last week i was at my friends place in bangalore watching television around 11:30 pm swapping channels as usually, got struck with Image channel, watching some show. Show was that anchor was showing actress photo and to identifying the actress from small part of picture shown on screen. I could easy figure out the actress was shilpa shetty, who ever would answer that will be awarded Rs 90k and even if you answer wrong award was Rs 3k.

I thought i could try my luck my just dialing at STD calling rates, it is around 30 paise/minute for my connection and wining that price would be high on my luxuries, (usually i never do this but price money tempted me..!). I was on line waiting for my chance to come. Computer tone says that "Keep waiting on the line, you will definitely get you chance so be ready with your answer". So was i waiting for my turn to come. I was waiting on the line for more than 15 minutes after some time i realized that there was a scrolling running down the screen in very small letter which was difficult read in my friends portable television. Its says that Per call charges are Rs 12/- minute..!!!!

I felt like what the GOOF BALL..!!! I was never intended to pay so much. By the time i disconnected the call it was around 20 minutes, they charged around Rs 240/- I m not pretty sure how much they play fair game but really i feel it was a perfect trap for the viewers. After discussing with my roommate, his said that his colleague had tried the same few days before and he was on call for longgg time and he had a post paid connection..!!!!


  1. Hey buddy this is what the reason behind the call rates has decreased too much and they are earning some other modes and some days later the network providers planning to implement charges for customer care calls. So please be careful........

  2. Thanks for posting man. So far luckily I never tried though I tempted. From here onwards, I never TEMPT too.

    Anyhow this is good exp and you never try. If you would have won that price, you may get addicted to that. So say THANKS to Rs.240/- now. Take in that way, Kiran. Thats a feel good factor.

  3. @SUBBA RAO PUVVADI Are they really going to charge for customer care... so no more free service a head :(

  4. @Srikanth. Obviously i would never ever again be stepping into TV show ;)
    i hope this posting has brought some awareness among all my friends

  5. your correct friend..even i tried earlier..its all fake....i have doubt that,the callers in that show are preplanned,bcoz they will give wrong answer to easy pic and this guys increase the time...thanks for your post..

  6. Ya they r charging 50 paise for 3 minutes for customer care

  7. Hey Chaitanya.. I tried it once... Now realized that I got trapped then :-(

    Thanks for Sharing this..