Sunday, February 13, 2011

A day with Metal Birds.... Aeroshow bangalore 2011

Show started with Helicopters, first heavy duty helicopter, which demonstrated, lifting of people, military jeaps and made few rounds, then came in the Indian Air force Mayuri, it was painted with peacock on it. Mayuri's performed stunts like low flying, flying in synchronization and flying in different angles.


Then came in LGT, which was in white and red, which looked like glider and had performed stunts like inverted flying. 
Then came in the real men of Fighter, Ash color fighters MKI, F16, Sarang, Euro Fighter, Supersonic, it was really graceful to see the flight so close, here is a close look on the runway.

They performed real stunts like 360 degrees turns, reverse gear( where fight looks like it almost still in the place, but which would give tremendous pressure on the engine), when it has taken off from the run way, ground was trembling and it generated so much roaring sound that my body was vibrating, it was really really must say fantastic experience, feeling the strength of fighter's engine. Euro Fighter was amazing, it disappeared in few seconds, it reached maximum speed of 700 kmph.

Angled 360 degrees turn

Horizontal 360 degrees turn at high speed

Actually Fighter was moving at very very low speed which would add tremendous load on engine and hard to control for pilot

Went so high into the air and was coming down at high speed, crowd started to scream for this stunt.
Flight went so low that earth was shaking and my body was resonating

Here comes the brave performers Red Bull

And here comes the India's Prestigious synchronizated flying crew "Surya Kiran", which has a 51 years old women pilot.

The Pilot flying in inverted position, was a women and she is 51 years old

One Came in Opposite direction and flew in between them awesome to watch

Love in Air

Finally on the ground
Me with Brave F16 Pilot

Book my tickets much earlier for the weekend show. Reached Yelahanka, was amazed to see long Que out side the registration desk, Que was so long that it stretch on to the road, it took nearly 2 hours in the Que. I saw people selling Ice creams, Hats and i even saw marketing guys along Que. Registration desk guys hardly had a look at my printout form, he just snatch the form from my hand before i gave it to him and thrown directly into a box and gave entry passes to my hand. Lol.. he even did not care to see what i was holding, any body with a xerox could have got entry passes for free, security check was done and we were let in, everything was under iron fences, the view reminded me of Counter strike game. It was lunch time, don't ask me, organizers could not meet the over flooded crowd. I had to walk nearly 2 km inside to reach runway, show started i nearly forgot all the pain i have taken to go there.