Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Monday, November 23, 2009

Hurry!!! I Got My Data Backkk

A few weeks ago, my desktop was not booting up at all, just a blue screen comes up when every i tried to start it. Some times it just restart on its own, it was behaving strange like a ghost in a machine. I guessed it may be because of OS problem. So thought of trying open source software Linux(As i had little experience in my college days with Ubuntu, actually its not so much user friendly as Windows). Some how could get a Ubuntu CD from one of my friend.

I installed it into my system with usual setting, then i went to desktop option to check some old stuff, desktop was simply empty, i thought Ubuntu must have over written the C drive. When eventually i checked the Drives i could see only 1 drive out of my 5 partitioned drives. And all other 4 drives seems to be missing, this one drive was of around 160 GB in size, it triggered a spark in dark rooms of my brain saying that "YOUR DATA IS LOST BOSS..!!!!". I had to open that drive to believe my eyes that every thing is lost.

I felt like i m seriously in deep shit at that moment because i had so much of my personnel stuff stored in the system like pictures taken on several events at college like convocation day, friends birthday parties and lot more videos, which took 2 years to collect and those were my all time favorites. I never though i would loss them just like this. Really got angry on myself for losing them.

Later after a couple of days of research on the Internet, i found that lost data could be recovered using some recovery software's. It really build up some hope of getting my data back. Then after with further research found that some software called "Partition recovery software" was available on some paid site for which they were charging some $ 50. And that would guarantee to recovery all the lost data. Initially thought of going for it, then tried to find some open source software (which were free of cost).

Finally my search ended with , where i could find Partition recovery software. Then execution started by connected my hard drive to one of my friends system making my hard drive as secondary, installed this software on my friends system, started to scan my hard drive and could get bit slowly but most of my data back.

I m really happy now after recovering 80% of my valuable stuff back..!!

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