Monday, December 14, 2009

Why Telangana need to a separate state??

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Monday, December 7, 2009

Does video games spoil kids??

I would like to share my personal experience about video games.

Last month on vacation i went to my home town for couple of weeks. Like most of us, Internet has become very much part of my life, can't stay away from it for couple of day. I usually spend most of my leasure time in browsing stuff of my interest. As i had not carried my laptop to home town, i had to look for some local net cafe center (even though net speed is dam slow). My home town has 4 to 5 Internet cafes, i usually go to near by cafe which had 9 old desktops approx all in white..!!

On a Monday morning i was in real hurry to do some money transfer to one of my friend, who need it in urgent and send out some important mails to office. The moment i reached the net cafe i was saw a bunch of kids in the cafe(age group of high school). I asked the cafe person that "can i get a system by chance?". He smiled at me and said "this week is full of holidays so all the kids are here to play video games, not sure but you may get one after an hour". So i returned back home, had to kill some time at by watching TV stuff, then came back to cafe hoping to get one.

I was given the same old reply by the cafe owner. So i moved to next cafe check out (hoping to get one). Annoyingly, this cafe was also much busy with kids all over the place playing games. I waited for half an hour there turned back home and to come in evening.

In the evening when i went to my near by cafe with serious intentions to finish my work. Shockingly kids were still glued to computer playing dam seriously like hell, this time i got wired and ask owner to get me one boss!!!, but he said i had no other option than using cafes owner desktop to finish of my work(which he usually does not allow customer to use it). Quickly i finished my work and turned back.

From my observation i figured out that kids were playing without a break for hours together(some had skipped lunch also), as they were are of such kind which take hours to finish one game, cafe owner make decent money by make kids to addicted to games(I observed this even with some big boys). Video games make kids to get more aggressive towards them and losing interest on studies and even rest of the real world around them. So i think parent should keep an eye on kids, what they do in holidays. Its far better if they do send kids to training camps of some physical games or dance or music class which would build self confidence rather than this mind hijacking games.

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Monday, November 30, 2009

How Companies Make Money??

Hi Readers, this week posting is contributed by my dear friend Sana Khan

To understand how companies make money, let me take few classic examples from different sectors of our industry.

one of the most popular application on Internet and highly used freeware software in computer history, so how do they buy time and money for their research and development projects?? Firefox actually earns approximately $ 40,000,000 per year!! Google pays all this amount on making Google as default search engine toolbar on Firefox main page. The deal with Google helps Firefox to earn there 85% of total earnings. People also donate to Firefox for there development work, donation also plays an important role in earning money. And rest of money comes from T-shirts and other accessories with high price tag at Firefox stores, people like to have brand on what they wear and use.


To explain how media makes money, let me take an much localized example of our Telugu Television Channels and Newspapers. Media earns a large amount of share from advertisement. Ads are of two categories Commercial and Entertainment. The market rate for 10 seconds advertisement on Television varies from Rs 7000 to Rs 30,000 on non-news channels like Gemini TV, ETV and Maa TV. These are going rates for commercial products such as real estate, cosmetics, Mobile phone, insurance and all other ads you see on TV. Usually Commercial ads are buyed on annual basis. The Rate of Entertainment ads would be fraction of the commercial ads, with varies from Rs 1900 to 2500. This concession is mainly because movie trailer also have 'entertainment value' for the channels and of interesting to audience too.

Pepsi and Coca Cola
Its really amazing to know how much these beverage companies make out of each sale. As they manufacture these products in bulk so that would not cost them much. Lets take a small exam of Aqua water bottle sold at various bus stops, railway station and shopping malls would cost around Rs 14/- Liter. Almost with the same quality localized home deliver suppliers are selling 20 Liters of water Can for Rs 25-40 approx with fair enough profits. This clear shows how much these beverages companies make out of each product. Lets take another small exam of cool drinks
For instance price of coke = Rs 12
The total cost of production filtered = Rs 2.50
For whole sale dealer's profit margin = Rs 1.00
And for retailer = Rs 0.50

Remaining Rs 8/- goes directly into the pockets of Companies. Out of these ample profit they spend little amount on advertising and branding. As these companies are usually MNC's major amount of profit is shipped across the sea's sadly... People may have to think of some alternative Indian products which would help our nation at least to circulate our money with in the county.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Monday, November 23, 2009

Hurry!!! I Got My Data Backkk

A few weeks ago, my desktop was not booting up at all, just a blue screen comes up when every i tried to start it. Some times it just restart on its own, it was behaving strange like a ghost in a machine. I guessed it may be because of OS problem. So thought of trying open source software Linux(As i had little experience in my college days with Ubuntu, actually its not so much user friendly as Windows). Some how could get a Ubuntu CD from one of my friend.

I installed it into my system with usual setting, then i went to desktop option to check some old stuff, desktop was simply empty, i thought Ubuntu must have over written the C drive. When eventually i checked the Drives i could see only 1 drive out of my 5 partitioned drives. And all other 4 drives seems to be missing, this one drive was of around 160 GB in size, it triggered a spark in dark rooms of my brain saying that "YOUR DATA IS LOST BOSS..!!!!". I had to open that drive to believe my eyes that every thing is lost.

I felt like i m seriously in deep shit at that moment because i had so much of my personnel stuff stored in the system like pictures taken on several events at college like convocation day, friends birthday parties and lot more videos, which took 2 years to collect and those were my all time favorites. I never though i would loss them just like this. Really got angry on myself for losing them.

Later after a couple of days of research on the Internet, i found that lost data could be recovered using some recovery software's. It really build up some hope of getting my data back. Then after with further research found that some software called "Partition recovery software" was available on some paid site for which they were charging some $ 50. And that would guarantee to recovery all the lost data. Initially thought of going for it, then tried to find some open source software (which were free of cost).

Finally my search ended with , where i could find Partition recovery software. Then execution started by connected my hard drive to one of my friends system making my hard drive as secondary, installed this software on my friends system, started to scan my hard drive and could get bit slowly but most of my data back.

I m really happy now after recovering 80% of my valuable stuff back..!!

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Are we at Nuclear Risk ?

The Bigger Question is that are we at nuclear RISK..??

Let see how did the Nuclear attacks started? America has first develop couple of atomic weapons back in 1945's. The idea was too straight to stop unending world war-II and minimise American causalities, two of atomic weapons were dropped on Japan ( Atomic bomb called 'Little boy' was dropped on 6th august on Hiroshima killing about 3,50,000 people out of which include 40,000 of them were solders and 'Fat man' bomb was dropped on Nagasaki a week later) which obviously made Japan to fall back for the moment. Few more years America was only nuclear power on earth. Then in 1949 Soviet union also has developed some thing equally to the America. From there every nation started thinking to have nuclear power to resist itself.

By 1985 India has also developed Nuclear power, by this time all over the world had 65,000..! nuclear warheads (plants or missile launching systems). Major contributor to the count were America and Soviet union (approx 95%). And this was really perfectly dangerous situation for Armageddon. So high level of awareness has come over in course of time regarding nuclear weapons and its affects, which tempted peace keeping bodies to force the nation to decommission plants and as a result of that count drop to 21,000. This followed till 1991, still the threat remains the same because dangerous is that even if a miss reading by radar of a one nation that nuclear bomb is targeted directly on them, could provoke them to counter launch a nuclear missile on the other nation, even though the first nation has not launched any thing. After Soviet union broke up at least to the America nuclear threat is diminished.

But still we have threat from terrorist organizations. All the decommissioned plant in Russia(Soviet Union) has lot of potential nuclear material left out in the warheads. From 1993 to 2006 International agencies have documented around 176 cases of nuclear theft..! 18 of which involve theft of HEU (highly enrich Uranium) and Plutonium. So how much actually it requires to build a 10 kilo Ton bomb? answer is 34 kg Uranium and to build a bomb which was used in Nagasaki requires plutonium of 6-7 kg.

So what if any of the terrorist organization figures out to acquire this little amount of explosive material and technology to prepare a bomb? How much would be the damage to our cities, human causalities? A nulcear bomb which was developed 63 years ago could kill 3 to 4 lakhs people, what would be the affect of bombs built with sophisticated technologies available now?

I seriously can not answer these question but can help you out with few tips get out of radiation and heat effect produce my the explosion. (If lucky you some how survive the explosion)

For example let us think, explosion happened at an really unlucky city, then temperature goes to extremely high degrees Celsius, instant blast affect, hurricane like wind affect and radiation may lost for many days (radiation in the form of nuclear dust), so people in 1 km of radius has 90% of change of not making it, simple to say people get vaporised. People in 3 km radius will have 50% of change of being killed, if somebody is in 13 km of radius may have 10 to 20% of change to be killed.

"Now what you need to do if you find yourself survive after explosion",

1. Avoid staring at the light produced by the blast.

2. You have 10 to 15 minutes to get out of the city or go away from the place of bomb explosion by doing this you can minimise the radiation affect on your body.

3 Else you can go into a underground shelter or go in to tall building stay at least in more than 10th floor and come out only when you get a clear information from govt agencies that radiation affect has gone down.

4. Try to keep your skill, nose, mouth, body parts away from dirt. Probably you can take a bath, specially you should wash head first as lot of dirt settles down in hair.

By doing this we can decrease the number of deaths at least after the blast..!!!

"An eye for an eye would make whole world blind"

- Mahathma

Saturday, November 7, 2009

How does Internet works

We have been using Internet for so many year. We send emails, chat for hours together with friends, share pictures, watch videos on youtube, keep playing addicted online games, make calls all over the world just at least price and we ever do our banking virtually (trust the internet and do transaction in greater amounts). So how does internet stuff works actually?

To say simple Internet is more like an "Post Office". Through the post office we transfer our message to required once to an cost of stamps. Same way we do it in the Internet. In the internet data is transferred in the form of packets. Every computer connected to the internet has an unique IP Address. For example if you type an web site name in your browser, your computer first located the exact address of the host server on the internet, then requests for data transfer, after which host server response with data, all this happens in less than a second even when if host server located other part of the world, in fact some trillion Bytes of data is transferred on internet in minutes!!

Now let us see how data transfer happens in an corporate environment actually, when you open an web site in a browser, data is divided into number of IP(Internet Protocol) packets by mail room which decides the size of the packets also, each pack is given with labels such as senders address, receiver address and type of packet it is. Now each packet is given a address for the Proxy server, then packet is now launched on to LAN (Local Area Network) where many other computer may be connected through Ethernet cable, wireless connections etc.,. Now router comes into the picture, it basically does two tasks, it chooses most appropriate for forwarding specific packets to specific destinations among the outgoing interfaces and it sends the packet to outbound logical interface(in simple terms out of LAN i.e., into internet).

In domestic connections we usually may have DSL or ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscribe Line) device in which digital data transmission over the wires of a local telephone network is done. In simple terms which will separate connections for internet service and POTS(Plain Old Telephone line) services. ISP(Internet Service Provider) provides a Digital line, this was development over Dial-In connections in which ISP provides direct analog line as in telephone. Download speed of ADSL ranges from 384 kbps to 20 Mbps depending upon line conditions and upload speed is less then download speed. SDSL(Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line) download and upload speed are same.

Let me not hyjack our topic, the packets picked from the local router will move on to centralized router switch, which will route the packet to respective server. Server reads, removes the proxy label attached to it and will allow only valid packets and rest will be smashed. Next packets will head to the firewall, it will serves two purposes, it will block sensitive corporate information going out and prevents the unwanted data coming into intranet from internet. After passing from the firewall packet are picked up by a router which places packets on the internet depending on the avaliable bandwith of internet connection, if the bandwith is not good enough to take the stream of packets comming in from firewall, this may lead to loss of packets.

So these are managed by Protocols like TCP/IP, (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol). Usually packet transferred by TCP/IP will have acknowledgement back to the sender that packet has reached the destination, if packet does not reach in due time a replacement packet will be sent again. TCP/IP ensures that packets are reach on to the destination by taking fastest and shortest root possible.

Now packets actually entered in to the world of internet, which is more like a spider web with interconnected networks which spans our entire globe. Here router and switches establish links between networks. Routers and switches will route the packets based on the address attached to them. Now Packets have a long way to reach destination, the path they choose may be telephone lines, wireless, satilite or even transocean cables (cables laid under ocean to connect continets), but the packets always take fasted or shortest root possible. Speed of packets is so great that they can round the globe for five times in in a second.

Near the end of the destination you will find another firewall, it again will allow only packets which are relevant (depends upon the firewall setting!), rest of the packet are not entertained. Packets which passes the firewall test are almost in, they line up at interface to reach webserver(here web server can be PC, mobile phone, webcam or may even be mainframe server). One by one packet are received and opened. Information contained is sent on to the webserver applicaiton and packets can be recycled, they can be used to send back the data request by you. Now the packet will have to follow all the above steps all over again and again....

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