Sunday, November 15, 2009

Are we at Nuclear Risk ?

The Bigger Question is that are we at nuclear RISK..??

Let see how did the Nuclear attacks started? America has first develop couple of atomic weapons back in 1945's. The idea was too straight to stop unending world war-II and minimise American causalities, two of atomic weapons were dropped on Japan ( Atomic bomb called 'Little boy' was dropped on 6th august on Hiroshima killing about 3,50,000 people out of which include 40,000 of them were solders and 'Fat man' bomb was dropped on Nagasaki a week later) which obviously made Japan to fall back for the moment. Few more years America was only nuclear power on earth. Then in 1949 Soviet union also has developed some thing equally to the America. From there every nation started thinking to have nuclear power to resist itself.

By 1985 India has also developed Nuclear power, by this time all over the world had 65,000..! nuclear warheads (plants or missile launching systems). Major contributor to the count were America and Soviet union (approx 95%). And this was really perfectly dangerous situation for Armageddon. So high level of awareness has come over in course of time regarding nuclear weapons and its affects, which tempted peace keeping bodies to force the nation to decommission plants and as a result of that count drop to 21,000. This followed till 1991, still the threat remains the same because dangerous is that even if a miss reading by radar of a one nation that nuclear bomb is targeted directly on them, could provoke them to counter launch a nuclear missile on the other nation, even though the first nation has not launched any thing. After Soviet union broke up at least to the America nuclear threat is diminished.

But still we have threat from terrorist organizations. All the decommissioned plant in Russia(Soviet Union) has lot of potential nuclear material left out in the warheads. From 1993 to 2006 International agencies have documented around 176 cases of nuclear theft..! 18 of which involve theft of HEU (highly enrich Uranium) and Plutonium. So how much actually it requires to build a 10 kilo Ton bomb? answer is 34 kg Uranium and to build a bomb which was used in Nagasaki requires plutonium of 6-7 kg.

So what if any of the terrorist organization figures out to acquire this little amount of explosive material and technology to prepare a bomb? How much would be the damage to our cities, human causalities? A nulcear bomb which was developed 63 years ago could kill 3 to 4 lakhs people, what would be the affect of bombs built with sophisticated technologies available now?

I seriously can not answer these question but can help you out with few tips get out of radiation and heat effect produce my the explosion. (If lucky you some how survive the explosion)

For example let us think, explosion happened at an really unlucky city, then temperature goes to extremely high degrees Celsius, instant blast affect, hurricane like wind affect and radiation may lost for many days (radiation in the form of nuclear dust), so people in 1 km of radius has 90% of change of not making it, simple to say people get vaporised. People in 3 km radius will have 50% of change of being killed, if somebody is in 13 km of radius may have 10 to 20% of change to be killed.

"Now what you need to do if you find yourself survive after explosion",

1. Avoid staring at the light produced by the blast.

2. You have 10 to 15 minutes to get out of the city or go away from the place of bomb explosion by doing this you can minimise the radiation affect on your body.

3 Else you can go into a underground shelter or go in to tall building stay at least in more than 10th floor and come out only when you get a clear information from govt agencies that radiation affect has gone down.

4. Try to keep your skill, nose, mouth, body parts away from dirt. Probably you can take a bath, specially you should wash head first as lot of dirt settles down in hair.

By doing this we can decrease the number of deaths at least after the blast..!!!

"An eye for an eye would make whole world blind"

- Mahathma