Monday, December 7, 2009

Does video games spoil kids??

I would like to share my personal experience about video games.

Last month on vacation i went to my home town for couple of weeks. Like most of us, Internet has become very much part of my life, can't stay away from it for couple of day. I usually spend most of my leasure time in browsing stuff of my interest. As i had not carried my laptop to home town, i had to look for some local net cafe center (even though net speed is dam slow). My home town has 4 to 5 Internet cafes, i usually go to near by cafe which had 9 old desktops approx all in white..!!

On a Monday morning i was in real hurry to do some money transfer to one of my friend, who need it in urgent and send out some important mails to office. The moment i reached the net cafe i was saw a bunch of kids in the cafe(age group of high school). I asked the cafe person that "can i get a system by chance?". He smiled at me and said "this week is full of holidays so all the kids are here to play video games, not sure but you may get one after an hour". So i returned back home, had to kill some time at by watching TV stuff, then came back to cafe hoping to get one.

I was given the same old reply by the cafe owner. So i moved to next cafe check out (hoping to get one). Annoyingly, this cafe was also much busy with kids all over the place playing games. I waited for half an hour there turned back home and to come in evening.

In the evening when i went to my near by cafe with serious intentions to finish my work. Shockingly kids were still glued to computer playing dam seriously like hell, this time i got wired and ask owner to get me one boss!!!, but he said i had no other option than using cafes owner desktop to finish of my work(which he usually does not allow customer to use it). Quickly i finished my work and turned back.

From my observation i figured out that kids were playing without a break for hours together(some had skipped lunch also), as they were are of such kind which take hours to finish one game, cafe owner make decent money by make kids to addicted to games(I observed this even with some big boys). Video games make kids to get more aggressive towards them and losing interest on studies and even rest of the real world around them. So i think parent should keep an eye on kids, what they do in holidays. Its far better if they do send kids to training camps of some physical games or dance or music class which would build self confidence rather than this mind hijacking games.

Thanks for reading, please feel free to comment on the topic.

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